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Does CSA Payment Change after re-marry

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Printed Date: 16/February/2019 at 12:16

Topic: Does CSA Payment Change after re-marry
Posted By: raugust
Subject: Does CSA Payment Change after re-marry
Date Posted: 06/March/2018 at 12:54

I am planning to get married with my partner. He has a child with his ex, and he is paying a big amount for this child since she refused to let him see the child. Currently, he is not telling CSA he has a partner.

he is very worried that after we getting married, CSA will count my salary also my asset into the calculation for the child support. is it true? Can CSA touch my asset before the marriage also increase his child support based on both our salary?

Many thanks. Appreciated for your help!

Posted By: emca01
Date Posted: 06/March/2018 at 20:34
but don't believe me
call 131 161 ( I think) call them. Stay anonymous and ask...
So I am the primary carer of 3 kids. I've re-partnered and my new partner earns the same as me... So our situation is kinda reversed BUT my exes child support didn't decrease because of the new partner.

Good new - if you have kids with him, then his csa will go down.

Posted By: raugust
Date Posted: 07/March/2018 at 14:56
Thanks.. I just called they said they not include income, however, not sure about the assets. have to get legal advice for that.

I have a kid with my ex, does that count too? Will his CSA go down?


Posted By: wantpeace
Date Posted: 07/March/2018 at 20:25
Assets dont go into any csa calculation, either does partners salary. If you have a child with your partner then CS will be impacted as number of dependants is factored in.

Posted By: raugust
Date Posted: 09/March/2018 at 11:16
I see. thanks so much for your reply. much more relaxed now. thought we wont be able to get married for that stupid reason ^

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