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Firearms error

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Topic: Firearms error
Posted By: meatytwo
Subject: Firearms error
Date Posted: 10/August/2017 at 12:30
Hi I'm an Australian citizen, middle aged, with no history or record. I have a recreational hunting license. I moved home recently and after moving in I, went overseas with my family on a pre arranged holiday. Turns out a few days before I left my license expired. I didn't receive my renewal letter. When I returned from overseas the police arrived at my house, and informed me of my license expiry and that they'd have to take away my firearms while I applied for the new license. Routine so far. When I took them to the gun safe (in my locked garage) I had left my air rifle next to the safe, in a carry bag from the house move (so it was not actually locked away in the safe). My other firearms were locked in the safe. Now I have a court notice and am charged with the above.

I have since re taken and passed the firearms safety course.

Does anyone have any advice as I'm thinking I will take in the proof of the above and represent myself? Anyone been through similar? Thanks for any advice

Posted By: meatytwo
Date Posted: 09/October/2017 at 14:09
Can anyone tell me how I lodge supporting documents in nsw to the court before my trial date? local court, criminal matter. thank you for any insight..

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