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Printed Date: 26/May/2019 at 18:12

Topic: Libel?
Posted By: romanylilly
Subject: Libel?
Date Posted: 26/June/2017 at 13:18
New here, just seeking advice on what I should do, which is the best lawyer to go to, especially for someone on a disability pension that needs to have a No Win No Fee consultation.

Last week, a well known newspaper online publication published a photo that was lifted from my Facebook album and credited to someone else, the reporter wrote about the person drugging animals and all sort of outrageous crimes, and named the person in the photo as someone else, however that photo was of me with my dog.

Because of the big bold headline screaming Cocaine and drugs etc with a big photo of myself underneath, now my face is associated with the headline and I am being harassed in my local community and on Facebook due to the mistaken photo.

I am wondering if I have a case for libel and can sue for compensation and force the newspaper to publish a retraction/apology on front page (or at least 2nd page) in bold?

I have contacted 2 different lawyers who said I do have a surefire case but that they do not handle these cases on a No Win No Fee basis.    which I can understand

Just trying to decide what I can do??

Posted By: citizen-joe
Date Posted: 26/June/2017 at 14:56
Yes it looks like you have been defamed, but unless you can prove some financial loss don't be expecting a big payout. Probably the best you can hope for is an apology and retraction in the same paper.

Any solicitor can write a letter of demand for you to the paper and send a copy to the press council so they can act against the paper for failing to check their facts.

Next delete everything from your Facebook account and then close the account. These accounts are a source of such problems.

Posted By: romanylilly
Date Posted: 26/June/2017 at 15:08
Thank you for your advice, I appreciate the time you took to reply. This has given me another option.

Posted By: henri
Date Posted: 26/June/2017 at 20:52
Thats disgusting...this is a job for A Current Affair

You need to have your name cleared and the F......r responsible for this put on National T.V
Forget chasing $ compensation after your TV appearance you will get a front page apology
Good luck with it .

Posted By: jaazzz
Date Posted: 26/June/2017 at 23:00

Media Watch would love this.... Here's a link to their Tip offs page... - Media watch - Tip Offs

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Please post your legal questions in a forum rather than sending a PM. Thanks

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