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Will Shoplifting effect 457 turn PR visa?

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Topic: Will Shoplifting effect 457 turn PR visa?
Posted By: mandyccc
Subject: Will Shoplifting effect 457 turn PR visa?
Date Posted: 18/April/2017 at 15:04
Hi everyone,

Yesterday morning I took my 2-year-old daughter and 10 days old daughter to Coles. At that time I took four boxes of breastfeeding bags (worth $ 100). When I put the object on the little girl's sleeping basket, my daughter cried, and I have breast feeding pain, so I was impatient. I hurried to go without payment. Once out of the door, there were employees to intercept me, and I deeply regretted that I did something wrong!

They called the police, and my English is not very good. I did not understand what were they saying, and I was afraid because I was with two daughters. I told them I was wrong, and hope they can give me a chance. I hoped they would not to call the police! Then I said I would pay, but they asked why I stole the products. I hurriedly told them that I wanted to save money.

Finally the police gave me a court vote (17 / May). They said it's the first offense and I will get a fine. that can be made to the court without leaving a public criminal record, but there will be an record of the police.

The Questions is,

1.we are prepared to apply for an Australian PR after 2years,I am afraid it will effect my family PR visa?
2.If will,can it apply my husband and two daughters PR visa first?and I dont Apply PR visa.
3.Should I plead guilty?

Hope to receive any answer, thank you!

Posted By: citizen-joe
Date Posted: 19/April/2017 at 08:10
I don't expect a small, one off, shoplifting charge will make much difference, but have a read of - this site , however you may have a bigger problem with the change to the rules just announced if you delay applying.

If it was me, I'd be getting that application in right away, and keeping my fingers crossed.

Posted By: mandyccc
Date Posted: 19/April/2017 at 23:29
Thanks for answer me!!!
yes,you are right!!
I hope will not affect our PR visa!!!
I feel better after got your comments!!!Thanks!!

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