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Employee photos

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Topic: Employee photos
Posted By: EmployeeRights
Subject: Employee photos
Date Posted: 29/March/2017 at 23:14
My employer has made several requests for my photo to be taken and published on internal emails and the group's intranet. I have refused upon the grounds that images are not protected from being pasted into external emails and documents. I feel that this leaves me at risk of my image being misused.

Even though Management have stated that my concerns are ridiculous, the company has since produced a photo release form claiming no responsibility for keeping an employee's image secure, nor for any negative effects upon the employee should their image be misused. I believe this to be a validation of my concerns, otherwise the company would see no need to protect themselves.

Can my employer force me to have my photo taken and published? Can I be legally terminated for refusing?

Posted By: citizen-joe
Date Posted: 30/March/2017 at 02:53
No, you cannot be forced into having your photo captured and published. However you need to read any conditions of employment that you accepted when engaged to see if they can dismiss you for refusing.

I once worked for an organisation who required staff to have their photo on a security card which they were required to wear around their neck while at work.

(one chap replaced his with a photo of a monkey and wore it for a month without anyone noticing)

Make a call to Fair Work Australia to discover any employment rules about this.

Posted By: EmployeeRights
Date Posted: 30/March/2017 at 03:07
Thank you for your response citizen-joe. The only clause I could find in my contract related to performing any lawful requests... wasn't sure if this situation qualified. My contract is 4.5 yrs old and requirement for photos first came up about 3 years ago, so I'm assuming it was not intended initially.

Posted By: hudson72
Date Posted: 22/April/2017 at 13:03
This happened to me at BHP last year for our emails and i refused point blank to put one up.

I pointed out that the "guidelines" for such pictures that had already been posted by some employees were indeed in breach off the so called "guidelines" but no action had been taken against them.

Since i mentioned that they never bothered me again :D

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