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Printed Date: 19/April/2019 at 18:19

Posted By: token
Date Posted: 06/September/2006 at 17:30

today i was caugt with shoplifting two kit-kats worth $3.60. I acknowledge that what i have done is extremly stupid, and im scared sh*tless at the moment of whats going to happen. The police just took down all the details and about me and the offence, and said they will contact me again later. Im 18 and a first time offender, but i SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY would be spitting blood if i got a theft conviction over two dam kit kats  and believe me, with how nervous i am now ive bloody by far learnt my lesson. I also offered to pay for the items but they (shop people) didnt accept this, should i mention this? and i also stumbled across this - /  think it will help me? PLEASE HELP! ALL HELP MUCH APPRECIATED, IF U HELP ME ILL BUY U A DAM BEER!!! lol

thanks alot guys

Posted By: easilyled
Date Posted: 07/September/2006 at 19:42
Dude I wouldn't worry, they ain't gonna slam you in the clink for pinching
a coupla chocolate bars! Slap on the hand, small fine or something.

But dude, you gotta ask yourself - why bother pinching 2 chocolate
bars?!?! LOL! thats just freakin' silly!

I hope you pinched them from a large supermarket or servo, cause if you
hit a small corner store that is just sh*te - it may only be $3.60 but that
can mean a lot to a small business that makes 2% of f**k-all from
everything they sell.

I checked out the link you posted - its pretty clear - go to the shop with
an officer and make an apology, pay for the goods, and walk away.... and
don't do it again! ;-)

Good luck with it dude

Posted By: token
Date Posted: 07/September/2006 at 21:46

yeah thanks, makes me a little bit worry free lol i know it was complelty stupid and ive learnt my lesson thats for sure, but i just dont want a criminal conviction over this! and i sure was hell dont want my future job prospects hindered becuase i have a criminal record for stealing two f*cking kits kats!  i havent heard back from the police station either and its been 48 hours? they said they were going to make more inquires?


BTW that alternative enforement statement only works in SA, im in qld,  just found out today

do u think ill just get a fine and a serious caution!? its from a woolies mind you so theyre a place with serious turnover, i doubt whether my 3.60 theft will cause theyre annual turnover to plummet. but seriously can anyone shed some light on this, grrr soo dont want a conviction for this petty crap! ive learnt my lesson dammit!


someone help a poor bastard

Posted By: asy85
Date Posted: 12/September/2006 at 19:09

Ok I work in a Supermarket as a Grocery Manager i deal with this stuff all the time, and although I feel you should be punished because i can't stand people shoplifting I will throw you some advice.

Firstly i assume the Kit-Kats went into your pocket? and secondly where did they get you for shoplifting inside the store or outside the store? thirdly How did they make you wait for the Police or were police already on the site?

Posted By: token
Date Posted: 12/September/2006 at 22:31
ok well i was stopped inside the store, i did not step foot outside the store. The guy at the counter rushed up as i was going to buy something and was eyeing me off heaps, i then went to the counter with the drink i was going to  legitimatly purchase then he rushed up and said "can i have a look at the choclates u put in ur pocket?" and then moved me off to the waiting room out the back where i waited for the police for 20 minutes.

Any advice and help will be greatly appreciated man


P.S yes the kits kats were in my pocket too

Posted By: asy85
Date Posted: 14/September/2006 at 18:25
Ok for starters you didn't shoplift until you walk out of the shop, because you may have placed them in your pocket with the full intentions to pay for them before leaving so they stuffed up there, also i dont know what it's like in SA or wherever you are but in QLD you don't have to wait for police you can pay for the items or just leave them behind and go, they can't do sh*t! you should easily be able to go to court and say you had full intentions to pay for them, then try and sue them for 'Defimation of Character' k k cool

Posted By: token
Date Posted: 14/September/2006 at 18:45

well firstly  I'd  like to add that it has now been 8 Days today since the ordeal and i havent been contacted at all, home phone or mobile, what the hells going on?

but yeah i was reading similar that if you dont step foot outside the store  (I DID NOT TAKE ONE STEP OUTSIDE THE STORE) you cant be charged or something and if you had full intentions of paying for them (which i did) they cant do anything, thanks for verifying that buddy. Im also in QLD so that law applies. And also i was forcefully whisked away by about 5-6 different employees, they didnt actually touch me but one guy was fairly big and had i tried to run im sure he would have tackled me. From what youve told me i cant be forcefully taken to the office? well i was! I think ive got a strong case against it, and i WILL NOT be taking anything ever again.

its been 8 days though since its happened and nothing from them, do u reckon they just went over a few things and then thought "meh screw it, let him go"??? cos i dont know what the hells goin on

Posted By: Smee
Date Posted: 15/September/2006 at 22:18

In NSW you don't have to wait for the police either - if you pay for the items or leave them behind you can leave and there's nothing they can do. Although you can't say that they actually forced you to wait in the office unless they physically took you there/held you there/locked you in. If you never left the store, they can't charge you with anything, and if it's been a good week or so I'd assume that they won't charge you with anything. They're not likely to waste their time over two kit kats which the store never actually lost.

That said, don't do it again, will you?

Posted By: token
Date Posted: 15/September/2006 at 22:22
yeah its been a week and two days as of today, and nil, nothing, zeromundo. I thought they would have AT LEAST rung me and said yeah dont do it again or next time your F*cked, but nothing?

and no i wont do it again obviously, but for f**ks sake its two kit kats, im not regretful over that, only my own ass.

Posted By: Smee
Date Posted: 15/September/2006 at 22:32

*laughs* I understand, $3 or $4 is hardly going to kill them - or you.

If nothing's been said, then I wouldn't worry about it. It's HIGHLY unlikely that they'd bring it up and charge you again in like a month or whatever, so you're pretty much cleared. They probably had a chat to the shop owners and found out that you didn't leave the store, but chose not to call you because a) it's a waste of valuable police time and b) if they make you sweat for a bit you're less likely to try it again.

Posted By: thomas
Date Posted: 21/September/2006 at 17:16

hi asy85 - if you see this i was wondering if u could help me out - could you tell me if there is any specific legislation or rules which state you must have left the store to be shoplifting - have you got any idea where this information can be found - i am after the legal precedent behind the rule - i have heard you have to have left the shop to be caught shoplifting but is there somewhere this is stated in black and white - if you can help it would be greatly appreciated

Posted By: leeroyb
Date Posted: 27/September/2006 at 16:21

Hi do you have any Idea how much it will cost to drag you into court ?

what a huge bust, dont think its worth the ink let alone the paper work, and if you havent left the store you havent left the premisis, you absolutly have to be detained outside, or you could say you didnt have enough hands and hadnt finnished shopping,  was on your way to the counter and was harrassed before the transaction , It's  not theft till you take it from the property. me and smee its seems we agree. Dont go back to the store ever, Dont even go and offer to pay if you didnt go home with them, leave well enough alone I doubt you will here from them,

All the best Leeroyb

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