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iPhone App

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Topic: iPhone App
Posted By: kimbeveridge
Subject: iPhone App
Date Posted: 25/November/2011 at 15:10
HI there.

This is my first post.

I am an iPhone developer, I am going to develop an iPhone App. Due to the nature of the App, I will be required to store user's username and passwords of an account they have on a separate system. My app will be using their username and password to login into this separate system to like check their account balance, and my iPhone app will report their account balance on their phone.

Obviously i will be encrypting the username and passwords for the users and storing this data very securely. I will also make this fact very clear to the end user and make them accept these terms otherwise they can't use the App.

My question is, should I be protecting myself somehow legally in case one of these users accuses me of using their username and password for some malicious purpose.

I am currently acting as a simple Business Owner, should i register a Company Name and have the App operate under a company?

Any advice appreciated.


Posted By: MartinO
Date Posted: 26/November/2011 at 23:48
I do not know, however most organisations who retain personal information give full disclosure and ensure that their seceurity measures are as watertight as possible.

I am NOT a lawyer. Anything said is NOT legal advice.

Please post your legal questions in a forum rather than sending a PM. Thanks.

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