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getting threats after starting legal action

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Topic: getting threats after starting legal action
Posted By: iconoclast
Subject: getting threats after starting legal action
Date Posted: 19/November/2011 at 04:20
Hi all; is it a criminal offence if you get threats of violence, economic and other harms such as being "fitted up" with criminal offences after you have taken perfectly valid legal action to recover a debt?

Is this not contempt of court?

What can be done please?

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Posted By: rambler1
Date Posted: 19/November/2011 at 09:30
you need to supply a little more info icon like who is "fitting you up" and why would a threat be a contempt of court , why does the court come into it?

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Posted By: QuoVadis
Date Posted: 19/November/2011 at 10:05
Any threat of violence can result in an AVO at the least. If the threats are in writing, take them to the coppers.

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Posted By: iconoclast
Date Posted: 20/November/2011 at 14:32
it's a long story. Went to court to recover a debt and get an expired "free rent in lieu" of child support tenant out of the house. Not only did she ring and write threats, so did some of her family members.
Went to coppers about threats, they got the phone records proving the huge number of abusive phone calls etc but they decided it was "just a property dispute" and therefore "civil".
Meantime, she went to Mag Court attempting to get a VRO against me. Told JPs "no it's not violence, it's that the house I'm living in, they're trying to take away from me..... because child support has ended. It's just ridiculous. X filed a writ against me to recover [unpaid] rent but I'm just ignoring it. I came here to get it to stop etc."    
In order to get peace from her & family, an undertaking was entered into. She has repeatedly breached this undertaking. Matter now in appropriate jurisdiction but she is delaying endlessly. Took months just to get a "statement of contributions" from her but it's filled with demonstrable lies and contradictions. Stuff like "yes I got this money in addition to free accommodation" but nowhere is there any getting it that it's a debt she has to repay. It's more complex but I cannot go into much more detail here.
Her lawyer allegedly will not look at the incontrovertible documentary evidence in its possession.
Part of problem appears to be Centrelink status of OP and the s8 Social security definition of income. Her ex's lawyer is doing his best but is owed a heap of $ - catch 22! Help!

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