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Document request

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Topic: Document request
Posted By: canehdrian13
Subject: Document request
Date Posted: 20/August/2010 at 14:14
Hey guys,

I just joined the forum as my fiance (Danish) got an email yesterday asking for a few extra things. She applied for her visa on 30 June 2010, and they wrote yesterday giving her 49 days to provide the following:
1. Call the AU embassy in Berlin for a phone interview
2. A medical check (which we were told may be required, but not that it would)
3. Police checks from Denmark and Sweden (places we've lived over 1 year)

Are these things all pretty standard? (were you guys asked to provide these) How long after receiving such an email (if you received one) was the visa granted?

Any advice would be much appreciated, as she was quite surprised to receive request for a medical.

Posted By: MartinO
Date Posted: 20/August/2010 at 15:40
Sounds to me that her application is in the final stages, provided she comes up with the requirements promptly and there are no problems with what she provides, I expect that the vis will be granted soon.

Good luck.

I am NOT a lawyer. Anything said is NOT legal advice.

Please post your legal questions in a forum rather than sending a PM. Thanks.

Posted By: crazypom
Date Posted: 20/August/2010 at 16:21
im from the uk and lodged my spouse visa in perth wa and i had to get a federal police check from australia and one from the uk but i had to and got told to get my medical done asap i lodged my visa aplication on the 19th of may (2010) and got it granted on the 6th of aug (2010)
good luck :)

Posted By: canehdrian13
Date Posted: 20/August/2010 at 23:53
Thanks guys, your thoughts are much appreciated! :)

Posted By: Solstrejf
Date Posted: 25/August/2010 at 03:00
Hi Im danish as well and my fiance lives in Perth at the moment. The things they are asking are very standart and she should be really happy that she doesnt have to travel to Berlin to have the interview as i have been informed by my visa agent might be the case if they wanna interview me =0)What visa are you guys applying for?

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