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Topic ClosedTerrorist (Gang) Stalking

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Dove View Drop Down

Joined: 31/December/2005
Location: Australia
Posts: 4
Direct Link To This Post Topic: Terrorist (Gang) Stalking
    Posted: 31/December/2005 at 17:01

I have been stalked for many months day and night and have had  extreme tactics used on me such as moving my property and banging on the house during the night every night for 3 months, defaming me in a widespread smear campaign with coleagues, 18 car vandalism incidents in less than 6 months most recorded by RACT and 3 of which were life threatening, mutilation and poisoning 13 of my small pets and placing my rooster's head on the gate post, contact made with all of my support system gaining further information, leaving weird messages for me inside my home while I was out and have phsyical injuries from technological harassment.  Police say there is "no evidence of stalking."

Police refused to protect or investigate despite 1) knowing I have an AVO against my ex because of his violent nature and because he has threatened to hire to harm on several occassions - and 2) have evidence and testimony he has been responsible for some of these plus completely depriving me of finances and he is the only one of us with a work visa.  They just say I have no evidence and there is no suspect because I have no photo of the stalker(s).    From the beginning, they allied with my husband and accused me of being mentally ill which I am not and continue to use this as their excuse to take no action. 

Now I am expected to get a psychiatric report to prove sanity - despite testimonies and other evidence of the abuses I am enduring.  If I go to a court/government requisite psychiatrist to prove sanity, there is little evidence the psych. will not simply support police bogus reports and thereby ruin my career/life.  I have a long list of other professionals with whom I have worked for many years who would testify to my being a most reasonable person and no threat to self or others.  My entire career has been advocating for non-violence and everyone involved knows this.  International Psychaitrists that sepcialize in stalking report few psychiatrists in the world are well-educated enough in stalking to provide accurate assessments - especially when extreme tactics are used. (British Psychiatric Journal)

My ex said he had a way to totally destroy a person and never be found guilty.  Now I know what he was talking about.  I found out the torture I am enduring is affecting 1 in 100 Americans and over 2 million people globally; is called gang, vigilante, cause or terrorist stalking; and 75-90% of gang stalked targets are technologically harassed.  (Toronto Rape Crisis Center's Citizens Against "Technological and Community Harassment.") I am no exception to the technological harassment/torture and have taser gun burn marks on my arm as evidenced by a doctor after assaulted in the city by a small gang.  Police in that city reported rogues have these small microwave weapons and are using them on stalked targets.        

Please help.  Thanks.


leagle View Drop Down
Senior Member
Senior Member

Joined: 09/January/2006
Location: Australia
Posts: 619
Direct Link To This Post Posted: 14/February/2006 at 09:38

Dove.... I am not a solicitor and am not legally trained so do not take the following as legal advice. It is just my opinion.

These cases like the one you are involved in Dove....are extremely difficult for the police to resolve. Firstly most police jurisdictions are under resourced. Secondly in any require the element of proof. These "hit and run" tactics which are being used on you are extremely diffficult to prove. The police would have to be literally present when they occur.....quite an impossibility!!This means that IT IS UP TO YOU to outwit these people. The first thing....(and I am always saying this on this forum).. is to look at your situation ....objectively...that is in the absence of any emotions (extremely difficult I know). And the second....I would suggest to consult a solicitor who would be capable of guiding you in this objective.

Luke_Bris View Drop Down

Joined: 15/September/2017
Location: Australia
Posts: 2
Direct Link To This Post Posted: 15/September/2017 at 06:36
I just stumbled on this post, and while it is from way back in 2005, it is still relevant today so in the interests of helping anyone else who may stumble on it....

Gangstalking is real and is simply put, the most disgusting, sadistic, and deliberate abuse of a human mind that you could ever possibly imagine. They rely on their abuse to be so relentless, and so morally reprehensible, so extreme, as to be disbelieved. In my case, gangstalking only describes the physical and visual element of the activity, but if you google a term called the "BITE model" you will see a complete description of the methods they employ against you, and indeed their members so as to ensure their silence. This method also describes two critical steps - disinformation and propaganda, which they use extensively and to (unfortunately) incredible effect. They will often pose as someone who is a targeted individual and make ridiculous claims and go out of their way to make themselves sound irrational, crazy, or use incredibly bad grammar and spelling to make themselves sound stupid, so that they and any genuine TI, can be easily dismissed. They dominate discussion boards to post disinformation articles and to troll and alienate legitimate victims searching for answers and support. A HUGE amount of time and resources are dedicated to this one measure, and for good reason, as long as this harassment can be discredited and kept in the dark, then it can continue.

I have been a victim of most elements of the BITE model for over 5 years, and while it started out as people simply making hand gestures in public spaces around me, escalated to neighbors shining visible lasers through bedroom windows at night, it quickly devolved into 24/7 harassment with electronic weapons being used, gaslighting by loved ones, and a constant battle against sleep deprivation. If you search gangstalking tactics you will see their primary goal is to discredit you - and once they believe this has been achieved, harassment escalates significantly. I personally believe the purpose of this crime on innocent people is recruitment. They systematically try to break you down, destroy your life, remove every link you have to the community - friends, family, work, sport, they try to devastate you financially so you do not have the resources to escape or fight back, and fundamentally change the person you are until such time as you have the same perverted psychological profile as they do and are willing to hurt/harass innocent people. They goad you with relentless petty taunts based on racism, sex and sexuality, and exploit any perceived insecurity or weakness with petty harassment, with sleep deprivation, and try to cause you to act out publicly so you can be discredited, and further so that you start employing the behaviors that they do. They encourage you to install surveillance gear* (so that you spend time and money - but primarily so you begin acting like a gangstalker in so much as you watch and report on activities, even tho you are doing so as a line of defense), their petty harassment is such that you want to respond with equally petty taunts or noises, they condition you to become sensitive to certain activities or visual cues - like 50 people walking past you in a day who cough every time they walk past so you then attribute every cough to a gangstakling member and may cough yourself to indicate you are "in" on the joke or cough when you recognise gangstalking activities. So you end up adopting many of the characteristics of the people you despise, and then they can paint you as the people they are as you coughing at 50 people makes you look nuts, but 50 different people coughing at you can be passed off as "normal" behaviour. They draw you further and further down the rabbit hole, so that if you do not relent to become a gangstalker yourself, your behaviour has become such that you can be easily discredited, or that the transition into becoming a petty scum gangstalker is easier to make.

* For the record I also recommend installing CCTV, but do not use it to watch or spy on people. Just to record those who access my property and perimeter as both security and a deterrent. I used to have people bang on my fence, my gate, and even my bedroom window, at all hours of the night and day - this no longer occurs. I also turn off the CCTV monitor a lot and only refer to it when I am experiencing harassment. For me its important to not let this consume me and become someone like them.

There is a reason this is called the "perfect crime", it is incredibly hard to prove to the levels that a court require. But if you persist you will collect evidence, but then getting the legal protection and cover you have a right to is the next battle as peoples resources are usually non-existent by this stage. It is the perfect crime as even you may initially think you are going crazy especially if you have a loved one who gaslights you at the same time. Until you hear about, and research, gangstalking, gaslighting, and BITE model, you think it is so extreme and so overboard as not to believe it yourself - at least I didnt. But the moment you know those terms everything changes - unfortunately for me it came after harassment hit fever pitch and I was so desperate to escape it that I made an attempt on my life several years ago, which unfortunately gave my harassers the ability to discredit me (or attempt to) in perpetuity. But I will not be silenced. I will talk about both the harassment I have suffered, those I know to have been involved, and even tho I know full well that talking about electronic weapons makes me sound nuts, I will talk about that as well. I would have thought the same until I had experienced it myself. If I were to go back in time just 50 years with some of today's tech I would be able to make myself look like a magician - be able to do things people didnt think were possible, hell people talking about what I showed them may have even appeared crazy (history is riddled with examples where advancements in knowledge and technology people get labeled as nuts). Electronic weapons are no different to that. And why people dont believe that secrecy would surround such advances in weapons tech - an area where everyone would accept secrecy, lies, and deception, come with the territory - its simply because these advances have been positioned to replicate both science fiction, and mental illness. I can order off eBay right now a directional mike which would allow me to listen in on a neighbours conversation in their bedroom from across the street, or indeed a directional speaker which would allow me to project my voice to only a single person in a crowded room - imagine what is available in certain circles if that is available right now on eBay and to the general public. (And for the record, I dont have either of those devices, and I an im not someone who prescribes to government conspiracy - apart from the fact that they would actively deny the existence of such tech, as used appropriately in defence of this country, even I would endorse some of them).

But now I know the above terms and have seen the overwhelming amount of online articles by fellow victims, and faced first hand the ridiculously over the top, zealous responses to try and discredit you - I know better, and will say the truth no matter what. People can call me names, try and label me as crazy, but if they do not have an agenda, and sit down and discuss things with me - I can prove what I say, from home networks and devices being hacked, countless examples of gaslighting in action, to illegal use of private and government resources, to noise harassment, and proven attempts to discredit/slander my name and reputation including community based harassment and involvement. It is simply the most disgusting use of technology and utilises psychological warfare techniques and takes place in plain sight in modern day Australia and in the UK.

One final thought is that I concur with one of the comments above, there appear to be certain areas which appear to be "hotspots" of this activity, where a high proportion of residents, shops, services etc, participate in gangstalking. Dutton Park in QLD is one (where I live and have been subjected to 9 months of continuous harassment), and Beacon Hill in Sydney (where on my most recent visit, where when I left a family members house, literally every single house on the street there was a person standing outside the front door facing the road when I drove past - not necessarily residents but a VERY overt public display).

So, while gangstalkers will try and paint you as paranoid - my hard earned advice through being gaslighted and lied to constantly, is to record EVERYTHING. Buy either a dictation device (non wi-fi enabled is best), or an iPhone and have it recording sound 24/7 so you can disprove lies from your harassers and ensure you have a record of every encounter so they cant simply lie about what was said or what happened. Buy a car video recorder so you can document obvious gangstalking and street theatre displays, and buy a CCTV system. My recommendation is to only comment on or record obvious, overt, or undeniable activities (there will be HUGE amounts you record where you know it is harassment but that could easily be explained away - eg my CCTV records lasers pointers every single night (where only the dot is visible - not the beam), but it could be dismissed as a bug or some other excuse, however I also have footage of a laser being shone at my front door in the same spot for more than an hour - not moving, just shone on and it shows it being put in place and being removed. Undeniable proof that someone is using lasers. Authorities may argue that in itself doesnt cause harm, however it proves that outside or neighborhood harassment is occurring and that you can not be dismissed out of hand. Start a journal, a blog, or someway to record activities which are time and date stamped, so as to voice your perspective of activities that occur so that you can refer back to these incidents if anyone tries to use them, or claim and event happened to discredit you. As an example and prior to me recording everything, I had gaslighting where on a Sunday I was woken by two uniformed police and people saying they were from a QLD mental health organisation where supposed "evidence" had been presented to paint me as requiring a mental health assessment, a tribunal met and supposedly reviewed the "evidence" and approved the people to come to my property. They arrived with no notice, would not discuss or provide any of the alleged "evidence" to me, would not reveal who had made the application, or provide any information whatsoever for me to disprove or counteract the accusations, or indeed face my accusers. Apparently you have no right to defend yourself against these sort of accusations and require a freedom of information request to obtain any information at all. And despite this being a completely bogus and engineered encounter, and of course, they had no grounds or finding for further action, it goes on my record and aids toward any future attempts at discrediting my name. Similarly I had some woman come to my house, bang on my side gate (not my front door) then walk off and start gossiping with a neighbour. When I approached and asked why she banged on my gate she said she wanted to talk to me and then accused me of being a criminal. She refused to identify herself, if she was a neighbour, if she was representing some group or organisation, and then made a complete and utter lie that I was being aggressive and that the encounter confirmed what she had been told and refused to talk any further and made a veiled threat that she would reveal who she was at some later date. Because I recorded the entire encounter and can prove everything she said and claimed as a lie I was not overly worried about the threat. Pissed off obviously, and even though you know mentally that she had no right, or grounds to do what she did, you cant help feel the burden and pressure of having to constantly defend yourself from harassment. It does have an absolutely profound affect on you and your life. But it was further evidence of exactly what I have been saying of community based attempts at intimidation and harassment. So record EVERYTHING. If I had not, I have no doubt that encounter would have escalated or resulted in some further action. In hind site, I also should have reported that encounter to the police so that it was on record.

This is the reality that a targeted individual faces on a daily basis. It takes tremendous courage and conviction to stand against this type of discrediting and harassment which is why it seems so many have fallen into participating in this hideous practice. This abuse will come to light one day. And I intend to be on the right side of history. Its not the perverted people who participate that enable this abuse to happen, its the silent majority who witness and remain quiet, that throughout history have enabled any form of abuse to continue to occur.

What has prompted this comment is that tonight I was woken at midnight, then again at 2am with electronic harassment which then continued so I couldnt get back to sleep. While I was still in bed, with my eyes closed but while being harassed, I commented out loud that I predict there will be some outside noise from a neighbour or a car about to arrive or leave. Not more than 5 minutes later both occurred, noise from next door on one side, and a car arrived at the next door neighbour on the other side. This isnt signs of psychic ability - just months of experience, where electronic harassment precedes some activity which they use to attempt to legitimise your being woken and to provoke you into a public confrontation. They try to mask your electronic harassment with an activity where you can be discredited. So if I had gone out to confront my neighbour, or if I were to complain to police that I was woken by a neighbour arriving home in their car, they would laugh me out of the office. But my complaint will be about neighbours participating in community harassment - including the use of electronic weapons. They may try and paint me as crazy, but so be it. The truth is the truth - and even if it takes years for this practice to be exposed, I will go on public record that it is happening to me, and that I let authorities know it was happening. I may be discredited in the short term, but I know I will be vindicated at some point.

So kudos to the original poster and anyone who speaks out about this atrocity. Change doesnt occur without people speaking out.

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