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Should Marijuana be decriminalised?

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AmyM View Drop Down

Joined: 01/September/2010
Location: Australia
Posts: 1
  Quote AmyM Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Topic: Should Marijuana be decriminalised?
    Posted: 01/September/2010 at 14:45
Hi, im doing a legal essay and the topic is should marijuana be decriminalised or not. Im against it being decriminalised simply because there is no eveidence that the drug can be used for anything other than getting high and pain relief.

I would appreciate any feedback:)


Baddoneby View Drop Down
Senior Member
Senior Member

Joined: 09/February/2010
Location: Australia
Posts: 330
  Quote Baddoneby Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: 19/September/2011 at 13:43
Use this as part of your essay:

Alcohol causes more bodily and brain damage than most other drugs, marijuana included.
Why is alcohol accepted?
It's been accepted as a social drug since it was founded plus governments rake in millions each year from Taxes on alcohol.

You might also like to put in your essay that alcohol kills millions. Marijuana doesn't.
Alcohol has more side affects and long term affects than MJ.

Also put this in your essay:

When it comes to celebs, stars dieing from acute alcohol poisoning you might like to add that they've done all the Cocaine, heroin, Speed, gas, ecstacy that money can buy but they almost always go back to alcohol, since they get a better hit from it.

So in summing up, question you need to pose is, 'Why is alcohol accepted and marijuana isn't?'

Edited by Baddoneby - 19/September/2011 at 13:59

AsiaOilDude View Drop Down
Legal Guru
Legal Guru

Joined: 17/February/2011
Location: Singapore
Posts: 2495
  Quote AsiaOilDude Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: 19/September/2011 at 14:33
Do some research on fat soluble poisons vs water soluble ones (here I'll help;|+ethanol).

I think if governments could retroactively ban Alcohol consumption, Tobacco and Motorcycles they would. If we chose to live in 'civilized' countries where taxpayers are expected on compulsory grounds to support the weaker members of society (including those prone to addiction) then you will find that the same taxpayers will push back very hard on allowing increased liberties with substances that increase public health and safety costs. The long term effects of THC appear to me at least to include increased risks of psychosis for one - a definite drain on the mental health budget for sure (don't you ever wonder why mental health is becoming more and more of an issue?).

Edited by AsiaOilDude - 19/September/2011 at 15:10

AJM48 View Drop Down
Senior Member
Senior Member

Joined: 11/February/2011
Location: Australia
Posts: 176
  Quote AJM48 Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: 19/September/2011 at 16:06
I would break the issue into two parts, one health and the second legal.

From a health point of view M is one of the largest issues dealt with by drug centres. In particular, M has a profound impact on a significant proportion of users, and the younger the user, the greater the chance of dependence and issues. Do a bit of research on psychosis and scitzophrenia and the interaction with M usage. The fact that another devastaing drug called alcohol causes problems has never seemed to me to be valid, if one is bad, why should you allow the other to be bad as well. Not everybody gets hooked on M, but for those that do it induces delusions of grandeur, listlessness, sucks all conformance etc.

From a legal standpoint, many argue that making it legal will stop criminals making profits will reduce the 'glamour' of kids using a naughty substance. I would argue that this has not proven to be the case with alcohol, so an addictive sustance is just as addictive if legal or not.

Edited by AJM48 - 19/September/2011 at 16:08

NotGuilty View Drop Down
Legal Guru
Legal Guru

Joined: 19/February/2008
Location: ACT
Posts: 1139
  Quote NotGuilty Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: 19/September/2011 at 23:18
If you are doing a legal essay, the first question you need to ask is, should the state interfere in a personal choice? And if so, should the conduct be criminalised or should it be considered a health problem.

iconoclast View Drop Down

Joined: 04/January/2010
Location: Australia
Posts: 1270
  Quote iconoclast Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: 21/September/2011 at 22:05
Why was Cannabis - and please note NOT the incorrect Mexican slang name "Marijuana" - ever made criminal in the first place? Do some homework on William Randolph Hearst who was a famous Californian multi-millionaire newspaper owner (& poor old Patty Hearst's Granddaddy). You may find that the true reason for CANNABIS being made illegal was for purely Hearst newspaper's greater profit and his own admitted race hate motivated reasons (namely his widely publicised anti-Mexican & black persons campaign - cannabis was their drug of choice - along with that of David Niven & his flat-mate Errol Flynn.)

A hemp decorticator had been invented in the early 1930's and this placed at risk Citizen Kane's huge pine pulp enterprise because hemp (cannabis) is cheaper and higher quality than wood pulp. Oh and Hearst had huge share holdings with Dupont who invented Nylon - the new replacement for hempen ropes. Did you know it was once COMPULSORY for certain US farmers to grow cannabis to supply the navy with CANVAS (derived from the correct name cannabis) - for sails and also for the ropes used on sailing ships? Benjamin Franklin and President Samuel Coleridge both grew hemp or cannabis on their farms and by the ship load.

And please, if you know any history, never ever forget the massive problems caused by the abject failure of the misguided prohibition on alcohol which made gangsters like Al Capone so very very rich. Please remember the hopeless US authorities could not prosecute him for anything but tax fraud despite his many murders, threats etc. Witnesses oddly enough would not "finger" him. Why is that I wonder??? The US DEA had to find new jobs for their 1200 or so investigators post alcohol prohibition in the mid 1930's- what better task to give them than hassling poor Mexicans and Blacks but take the pressure off all those good Irish and Italian Americans who were proven to be so fond of their soon to be decriminalised drug of choice namely alcohol.

This nonsense always happens when stupid laws like prohibition of any kind are enacted by well-meaning but uneducated do-gooders. The road to hell may well be paved by good intentions. But these go-gooders often choose to remain blind to the unintended consequences of their acts. Sound familiar to you yet? Studying Law eh?

Prohibition has never worked and it will never work. This is because it is a flawed model. Drugs of every description have always been used by people throughout history. The "war on drugs" has been resoundingly lost but at what massive cost to society? Prisons worldwide are full of non-violent and otherwise law-abiding citizens. The few countries without prohibition (Netherlands, Switzerland) and more recently other European countries (Portugal, Spain etc) have the lowest rates of addiction of any kind. Now go figure that! Research some more please. If you still wish to write an essay supporting the insupportable idiocy of current prohibition laws then please do not do the research.

High level but now retired Justices, State & Federal prosecutors and ex-police in the USA, Australia, Britain and elsewhere have spoken out publicly about the insanity of the current system/s. Please think again if and when you discover the facts. One of those facts you may wish to consider is that if you have a recognised social problem like a drug dependency; then the very last thing you need is a legal problem on top and the high risk of being open to exploitation from corrupt police or the out and out criminals who deal in drugs like hydro cannabis or the much worse still meths pills, powders etc.

Good luck with the essay; but PLEASE do some homework and come to the same conclusions as the above-mentioned Judges and police who have had far more experience than you with the aftermath of a drug charge and/or conviction.

Needless to say I think prohibition is about as stupid as you can get and the latest noxious WA drug laws are about as stupid and uninformed as you can get. But heck, why spoil a good vote-winner with the truth?

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