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Letters of Administration Plus
If someone dies without leaving a will, a family member or a de facto spouse will need to apply to the Supreme Court for Letters of Administration before the assets of the deceased can be distributed. The entitlements of each family member to the estate of the deceased are set out in State intestacy legislation. The person who applies to become the Administrator will need the Grant of Letters of Administration to get access to assets such as a bank account, shares in a company or real estate.

For only $1,250.00 AussieLegal will do all the hard work and prepare the application to the Supreme Court.
Benefits of the Letters of Administration Plus Kit and Service:
  • Save time - this is the fastest way to get your Grant of Letters of Administration;
  • Save thousands in legal fees;
  • The price is fixed - no surprises; and
  • Experience - this kit and service has helped many people obtain a Grant. Testimonials.
How does it work?
  • Click on your State or Territory below and submit your credit card details.
  • We will send you (by email or by post) background information and a Fact Find form.
  • Return the completed Fact Find and a copy of Death Certificate, and where relevant, the Will.
  • AussieLegal will prepare all relevant application forms.
  • The forms will be returned to the applicant for signing and witnessing.
  • NOTE: AussieLegal does not provide any legal advice, nor do we act in a legal capacity for, or represent in any way, the administrator(s).
  • The applicant would then place the advertisement in a newspaper (if required).
  • After 14 days of the publication of the ad, the applicant would then submit the application to the Registrar.
  • AussieLegal will also assist with responses to any requisitions from the Court.
  • Please call 1300 728 200 if you have any questions or you wish to discuss these services.
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